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This treatment offers full epidermal reconstruction with use of retinoid restoration. This peel combines a beta hydroxyl hybrid with a second retinal layer. This treatment delivers excellent results in combating signs of photo-ageing and hyperpigmentation, it works uniquely with a dual-level approach from the top-down and simultaneously from the base of the epidermis up, Retistore and Retistore plus peel work in two layers, first the activation solution: this contains a very lipid-soluble salicylic acid, in turn, creating a temporary passage through the very top barrier of the skin providing instantly smoother feeling skin. The second layer is a leave-on solution meaning you go home with this still on and wash it off that night before going to bed, this is called the restoration solution: This contains an active form of retinal and has two functions. The first working from the top down it ensures dead cells detach without the use of an acidic liquid so there is no destruction of cells, secondly working from the base of the epidermis up targeting abnormal cell activity which will then be normalized, melanocyte activity(pigmentation) is suppressed and production of hyaluronic acid is upregulated causing plumper skin within 7 days of treatment. Retistore plus contains twice the amount of active ingredients in both layers compared to the Retistore. This treatment cannot be performed on a client allergic to aspirin.

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