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Clinique Estique is a safe haven where a perfect combination of results along with relaxation will meet your unlimited needs.

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IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

IPL laser treatment can be used for treatment of unwanted changes in the anatomy or of the physiological process in the skin. This includes mainly hair removal and skin rejuvenation, IPL is very similar to a laser the main difference is that a laser focused one wavelength of light at the skin where the IPL focuses multiple wavelengths of light at the skin. IPL light is also more scattered light compared to a laser which is more focused. IPL can penetrate the second layer of your skin without harming the top layer of your skin. Pigment cells absorb the light energy and converts it into heat in turn destroying the unwanted pigment or hair follicle to prevent hair from growing again, with hair removal results are best with darker coarser hair on lighter skin, this means the optimal results are achieved when these criteria are met, however results are also seen on darker skin tones and lighter hair growth. A consultation for hair removal with the IPL is highly recommend to insure that skin tone and hair growth criteria is met for optimal results. When thinking about using the IPL treatment for hair removal hair growth has to be at exactly the right moment in the hair growth cycle to achieve the best results possible, this means that no shaving or depilatory creams should be used within 1 week prior to treatment a no epilators and waxing 1 month prior to treatment. When treating permanent hair removal with the IPL sessions should be booked in intervals of 8 weeks and depending on hair growth and skin tone total amount of sessions will be determined and varies from person to person, it is important to note that all hair will not be permanently removed with only one session. In terms of skin rejuvenation, the IPL treatment can be used for various skin problems mainly focusing on problems concerning pigmentation of the skin this includes age spots, sun damage, freckles and birthmarks.

Light therapy used to minimize or remove the following:

  • Age spots
  • Sun damage
  • Freckles
  • Birthmarks
  • Dilated Capillaries
  • Broken blood vessels on your face
  • Rosacea
  • Hair on your face and body
  • Wrinkles

Permanent makeup

We use different techniques to accommodate all our clients (what they prefer).


Lip enhancement procedure is done with micro-fine needles and pigment of your choice to improve the shape of your lips. The lipstick look or just a subtle lip tint is up to the client’s preference.

Eyelash lift

A chemical solution is used to enhance the look of your natural lashes. A “perm-like” effect.


A standard pedicure in tales soaking of feet, exfoliating with a sugar scrub, cleaning up of cuticles and toenails, removing cracked, dry skin and callouses underneath feet, painting of nail varnish or gel and ending with a foot massage.

  • Medi-heel can be added on to a standard pedicure.
  • Paraffin dip can be added on to a standard pedicure.

Gel Toes

Gel toes only include cleaning of cuticles and toenails and painting of gel finishing off with cuticle oil.


A standard manicure in tales soaking of hands in water, exfoliating with a sugar scrub, cleaning of cuticles and nails, includes only nail vanish and ending with a hand massage.

  • Paraffin dip can be added on to a standard manicure.

Gel nails

Gel Full Set

Hard gel extensions or tips extending the natural nail longer than it is currently with colour/design of choice.

Gel Overlay

Hard gel overlay on natural nail only with colour/design of choice.

Chemical Peel Only

Doing a chemical peel on its own without the fuss of a facial is also possible, described to be a controlled injury to the skin at a pre-determined depth causing a change in the epidermis/dermis using different types of chemical agents of various strengths.


We use only Lamelle products in our facials guaranteeing our clients only the best results. A standard facial will consist of steaming of face, extractions where necessary, a basic enzyme exfoliator, neck, shoulder and arm massage with a complimentary eyebrow shape and tint and eyelash tint.

  • Chemical peel per ml can be added on to a standard facial.
  • Alginate mask can be added on to standard facial
  • Jade roller can be added on to standard facial.


We use micro-fine needles that enter only surface-level deep. The fine punctures of the skin aids in stimulating Collagen & Elastin production, encouraging hair growth, improving the look of scars and gives you plump & radiant-looking skin.

Specialised Facials

Micro-needling Facial

Pre-treatment the skin is stunned with a topical anaesthetic for your absolute comfort during treatment. Micro-needling works by puncturing the dermis of the skin with microscopic needles in turn stimulating the production of new collagen. In treatment, we use growth factors for the best cell rejuvenation results. Micro-needling uses the skins ability to heal itself there for treating minor scarring (including acne scarring), sun damage, enlarged pores, fine wrinkles, loss of elasticity and improving the texture of the skin. Micro-needling also goes by derma pen, skin needling, collagen induction therapy (CIT), percutaneous collagen induction (PCI). After a micro-needling treatment, topical products also penetrate deeper into the skin improving their effectiveness.

Transdermal Facial

Transdermal mesotherapy is an advanced skin rejuvenation treatment. During this treatment electrophoretic waves are used to transport a highly effective growth factor serum through the skins protective barrier. Cell channels open up allowing active ingredients to penetrate the deepest layers of your skin called the mesoderm. Results include hydration deep in the skin, reduced wrinkles and fine lines, firmer skin, skin feeling lifted and toned.

Dual Sonic Facial

Dual sonic facial consists of using high intensity focused ultrasound device proven to increase skin elasticity and various wrinkle reductions for a non-invasive facelift feel. It works directly on the superficial musculoaponeurotic system as well as the upper and lower dermis to initiate collagen and elastin production.

Plexr Plasma Facial

Plexr plasma is a non-surgical procedure, which is effective for removing moles and all unsightly skin growths. Whit this treatment we can deal with stubborn lines and wrinkles and also perform treatments such as upper and lower eyelid lifts. It is even successful in treating scars (including acne scars), all this without the need for open surgery. On arrival and post consultation, a topical anaesthetic is applied to minimize discomfort. Treatment time maybe 20-60 minutes depending on the treatment area. One to three treatment may be necessary at a six to the eight-week interval. The treatment is performed with “dots created by the plexr device to change the superficial skin cells without bleeding or damage to the surrounding tissue. It stimulates instant contraction and tightening of the skin. This takes 2-4 weeks to regenerate. Results include: improving the appearance of pigmentation, dramatically reducing fine line and wrinkles, correcting drooping eyelids, removing skin tags: warts and moles, improving the appearance of stretch marks, improving acne scars and any other scarring, tightening skin on stomach after pregnancy and frown lines.

Retistore and Retistore Plus Peel Facial

This treatment offers full epidermal reconstruction with use of retinoid restoration. This peel combines a beta hydroxyl hybrid with a second retinal layer. This treatment delivers excellent results in combating signs of photo-ageing and hyperpigmentation, it works uniquely with a dual-level approach from the top-down and simultaneously from the base of the epidermis up, Retistore and Retistore plus peel work in two layers, first the activation solution: this contains a very lipid-soluble salicylic acid, in turn, creating a temporary passage through the very top barrier of the skin providing instantly smoother feeling skin. The second layer is a leave-on solution meaning you go home with this still on and wash it off that night before going to bed, this is called the restoration solution: This contains an active form of retinal and has two functions. The first working from the top down it ensures dead cells detach without the use of an acidic liquid so there is no destruction of cells, secondly working from the base of the epidermis up targeting abnormal cell activity which will then be normalized, melanocyte activity(pigmentation) is suppressed and production of hyaluronic acid is upregulated causing plumper skin within 7 days of treatment. Retistore plus contains twice the amount of active ingredients in both layers compared to the Retistore. This treatment cannot be performed on a client allergic to aspirin.

Radiance Peel Facial

A radiance peel is a superficial chemical peel. Superficial chemical peels remove only the very top layer of the epidermis, and causes little permanent change in the skin, but does improve appearance. It contains a unique blend of mild acids to provide a gentle superficial peel. It is a salicylic acid-based peel to improve complexion, for firmer younger and healthier-looking skin. This is the perfect peel for clients with acne-prone skin, scars, large pores, and anyone seeking to improve the texture and tone of the skin.


Thin “hair-like” strokes for a very natural look.


Thin “hair-like” strokes with added shading between the strokes.

Powdered brows

For a soft powdered look, instead of individual hair strokes.


Thin/thick/winged eyeliner.

Pixelated Eyeliner

We use a fine-tipped needle to make pin-point dots over the eyeliner area which gives the illusion of a shaded more natural-looking eyeliner.

Pixelated Brows

We use a fine-tipped needle which fills in the entire brow with light pigment and pin-point dots that give the brow a gradient appearance resembling powdering your brows with makeup.

Back Cleanse

A back cleanse consists of steaming of the back, extractions where necessary, enzyme exfoliator or chemical peel exfoliation depending on the severity of the specific problem.

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